Top-Notch Technology & Testing


Learn how we deliver durable sensors and high-quality images. 

In-House Testing & Rapid Prototyping

The Sensor Group has in-house design center in Tucson, AZ, with development capabilities for custom camera cores, fiber faceplate bonding, multi-axis motion control, package design, and in-house plastic and metal fabrication for rapid prototyping. Our testing equipment includes machinery for thermal, shock/vibe, and electro-optical factors. We are able to make modifications at the focalplane level & product level, and provide gimbal integration.

Tucson Arizona

CMOS and CCD Sensors for Spectacular Image Quality​

At Sensor Group, we have used CMOS and CCD technology to acquire images quickly and provide pristine image quality. In the past 10-15 years, CMOS devices have displaced the CCD in most applications, helping to correct KTC and other noise. Other improvements include increased frame rate, enhanced quantum efficiency, and single-electron noise floor.

High Speed & Low Noise Devices - Perfect For Surveillance

The Sensor Group delivers high speed, large format, and low noise cameras as OEM components. We support a range of framing, from hundreds of hertz to several kilohertz.

Product Actuation

Actuation is always an option when “where your device is pointed” needs to change quickly. We thoroughly test in our lab to provide physics-based support for supreme durability and accurate results.

Fiber Faceplates for Low Light Imaging & Product Durability

Fiber faceplates allow for contact imaging, which captures all photons emitted by a phosphor (like on an electron tube device - much like night vision goggles). This allows images to be captured in very low light, even if only 1-2 ms are available. We perform micron-scale alignment and “live” MTF optimization across the focal plane to assure seamless performance across shock, vibe, and wide temperature spans.

Sensor Repair

Seriously Smart Cameras

We create smart cameras by coupling state-of-the-art sensors with embedded processors that can be programmed by us or our customers. These smart cameras can answer high-level imaging questions such as recognizing when a person walks in frame or distinguishing between an LED flashing light and a glint from the sun.

Sensor Repair

IOT Integration

If you'd like your sensor solution to be available on an IOT system, we can help you. Whether it's a cloud, hybrid, or 100% on-premise secure solution - we can get you there.