Custom sensors that fit just right.

The Sensor Group specializes in delivering advanced sensor technology for your exact performance needs. Our labs thoroughly test and support the development, testing, and manufacturing of your unique product so we can deliver on time, and with high fidelity. 

What we offer:

Your custom sensor solution starts with rigorous testing in our labs. We thoroughly test to ensure proper electronic, optical, and optomechanical behavior. Our team tests against all elements that may impact sensor performance such as noise floor, dynamic range, digital data transport, timing and control, fiber taper design and bonding, as well as heat dissipation.

The Sensor Group specializes in designing for performance in highly-specific and rigorous environments. Between our local partners and on-site facility, we have the ability to test for a full range of environmental factors including thermal, shock, and vibration with support from such equipment as our environmental chamber, electrodynamic shaker, and multi-axis rate table. We consider all the elements early on to move swiftly through development with you. Radiometers and image-processing software that measures dynamic range, shot noise, and quantifies multi-slope performance. Nanometer-scale profilometry to diagnose sensor topology for the most demanding applications Target projectors that give us flexibility in MTF and related measurements Alignment telescope to characterize sensors and their attendant optics from visible to thermal infrared wavelengths Electronic testing equipment that generates and measures precision digital and analog signals.

Need speed? Moving gigabytes of data per second within an imaging device can be difficult, especially if low noise and wide temperature performance is a must. Emerging CMOS technology continues to improve and expose new opportunities for not only speed, but low noise. The Sensor Group has years of experience in manufacturing rugged, low noise, high-speed cameras for embedded applications in surveillance. Our team understands the thermal, optical, and electronic needs for CMOS devices and can provide the solid foundation you need. Our team optimizes signal path and transmission line quality and monitors all EMI/EMC concerns.

We regularly manufacture multi-wavelength, multi-sensor technologies for our customers and increasingly incorporate elements of NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR sensing into these solutions.

Image processing is central to our approach to designing, developing, and delivering image sensor products.  This technology is integrated within the products we manufacture and is a key element of our success, regardless of whether the product is regarded as a “smart camera” or not.

Struggling to find a solution for your low size, weight, and power (SWaP) needs? Often times, the market isn’t large enough to entice practical solutions from the big providers. Our group is ready to provide a solution that fits your specific needs and connects you with the most up-to-date sensor technology.

Looking for real-time image analysis? It’s not unusual for us to hear a customer ask, “Can I use a camera to measure ____?” The Sensor Group has over a decade of experience in creating smart cameras tailored to specific market, application, and customer needs. Our team has the breadth of tools and technologies to offer diverse solutions.