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Characterization and Test

When possible, we enjoy helping others figure things out.  This is especially attractive to us when engaged in joint product development, as we are not equipped for general laboratory services (e.g. TSG recommended companies similar to NIT and local support companies like Southwest Metrology). Nonetheless, we make room in our schedule, as often as possible, to help other companies solve problems that are within our reach.

High Speed Cameras

TSG continues to manufacture a line of high speed cameras for rugged embedded applications in surveillance.  Emerging CMOS technology continues to improve and expose new opportunities for not only high speed, but low noise plus high speed.

Application Specific Smart Cameras

It is not unusual for us to hear a customer ask, “Can I use a camera to measure that?”  Often, the answer is “yes.”  We have, in recent years, begun delivering smart cameras tailored to the needs of specific customers, markets, and applications.  These often involve embedded software and mobile class processors, as this is where embedded imaging technology is most intensely capitalized.  Breadth of tools and technologies are attractive for being able to offer diverse solutions.

Infrared Solutions 

We have ongoing work in the manufacture of multi-wavelength, multi-sensor technologies for our customers.  So we increasingly incorporate elements of NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR sensing into our customer solutions.


Image processing is central to our approach to designing, developing, and delivering image sensor products.  So while we do not offer a software product per se, it is integrated within the products we sell and is a key element of our success, regardless of whether the product is regarded as a “smart camera” or not.