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Welcome to The Sensor Group

We specialize in delivering advanced sensor technology to customers that want to use imaging sensors to get answers to their business intelligence questions.  We deliver routinely to applications in harsh environments, but regardless of where the sensor lives, TSG is committed to delivering solutions that produce image intelligence, based on the right image in the right place at the right time.

The Sensor Group

The Sensor Group (TSG) designs, develops and manufactures custom image sensor solutions for its clients. For many years TSG has had a line of high speed, low noise imaging sensors that have been adapted for many uses, including both 2D and 3D imaging applications.  We also build compact block-like cameras and accompanying actuation, when it’s needed.  TSG offers its imaging sensors with fiber faceplates as a standard option, so that contact imaging of devices, like electro-optic tubes, can be accommodated.  TSG builds products for both commercial and military applications, addressing the shock/vibe/thermal requirements accordingly.
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Solutions can vary widely.  In order to receive the images needed for observing what matters to your business, you may want to view a static scene with only one color, or you may want to measure with multiple wavelengths and at multiple positions and perspectives over time, while reporting on key image statistics.  TSG has the ability and agility to span the imaging solution requirements, whether they are narrow or broad.
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